Olio della Natura del Cilento

L'Olio della natura del Cilento About us

From the uncontaminated hills of the Cilento coast and from the passion and tradition of ancient plants, the exstravergine olive oil from Cilento is appreciated and widespread not only in the Mediterranean but throughout the world and is used in the Mediterranean diet, UNESCO heritage and green gold. Olives growers handed down from generation to generation, this green gold oil from the Cilento coast is born. The olives are harvested according to the old tradition and are immediately taken to the mill where they are pressed with cold stone millstones. cilento with a delicate taste of olive, once the olives are harvested, pure oil is born, which is packaged in containers suitable for the product to be consumed and is labeled and shipped in Italy and in the rest of the world. Finally the extra virgin olive oil of Cilento determines a reduction of the serum cholesterol. It improves the functionality of the cardiovascular system and protects the organism with its Phenolic rooms, from serious alterations .The olives are rigorously hand-picked by December 31 of each year.